Four Bells Advisory’s clients are typically among the leading innovators in their respective sectors.

As we usually engage with clients for periods ranging from 12 months to 5 years, we focus only on a small number of the most compelling business initiatives where we can clearly identify and apply our broad range of expertise, working cooperatively with the founders to create shareholder value.

The three primary areas of attention that the team at Four Bells concentrates on are:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Structuring
  • Board Process
  • Leadership
  • Business Strategy
  • Operational Management
  • Risk Management
  • Senior Executive Mentoring
  • Bringing business to Asia Pacific
  • Taking business to Europe and the Americas

Four Bells Advisory offers a unique business model. We work directly in partnership with founders, shareholders, board and senior management to help companies with the capacity to significantly disrupt their industry sectors to maximize capital return.

To assist the business to grow to a stage where shareholders can realize a readily measurable and accessible return on their investment, Four Bells Advisory has brought together an industry leading team of diverse but complementary specialists with a wide range of skills, experience and relationships. Each of the Principals of Four Bells possesses demonstrable track records of individual commercial excellence and success. The breadth of expertise our team have with commercializing technology companies bears witness to this fact.

Four Bells realizes that many innovative companies often need to raise money to take their business to the next level of commercialization.

While Four Bells concentration is on the operational management, corporate development and commercial positioning of developing companies,our team has links with a variety of private equity funds, institutions and high net worth individuals with access to investment funding for individual compelling opportunities.

Recognising that prudent cash flow management is a critical success factor for any business, Four Bells’ revenue model comprises affordable and competitive consulting rates linked to outcome based reward, the central principle being that our return is based on your success.