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Suite 12, 235 Spit Road, Mosman NSW AUSTRALIA 2088
Suite 12, 235 Spit Road, Mosman NSW AUSTRALIA 2088

As part of its business and strategic planning services Four Bells helps its partners develop and implement crisis management plans. The team has deep experience in risk management strategies. But it also has  experience in handling events which occur despite that risk management. Crisis events are those which threaten the wellbeing of a company and its staff, and perhaps even the viability of an enterprise. They can be defined as crisis events because they occur despite risk management precautions, occur at little notice, and can come from unexpected sources. They might be physical events such as an earthquake. They could be personal, such as an accident or, depending on the work environment, acts of violence directed at staff. A common business crisis is the fiscal one, manifest in all sorts of ways – a take over, negative stock market response, or acts of fraud from within or without the company.  And as technology plays an increasingly foundational role in most businesses, a crisis might be defined by the failure of underlying technology. An unexpected shut down of a business due to a computer virus, which penetrates defences despite good risk management practise, is a helpful example of a business crisis.  Crisis management places equal focus on responding to the event, communicating the response across the company, and managing the aftermath.


Across the portfolio of  Four Bells experience the team has formal training in, and experience in responding to crisis management. Our experience is broad and includes responding to major technology failures, aggressive (hostile) company acquisition bids, dealing with changes in government policy, kidnapping threats (and actual staff kidnappings) IP theft, and  financial failures.

Post Author: Bruce Lyman

Bruce Lyman has worked in government, the private sector and the not-for profit sector. He has strong experience working with green-field sites and building solutions from the ground up which gives him a strong focus on ‘starting at the end’. He has strong and diverse experience working in foreign cultures, establishing new relationships and building projects from nothing. He is equally comfortable working in solitary appointments as he is working in large teams.

He has strong leadership skills and has successfully built, repaired and led teams through difficult and challenging circumstances. He has reported directly to Federal Government ministers, to shareholders (public accountability and scrutiny) and to donors, all of whom have demanded and received transparent and ethical delivery of plans and solutions.

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