Four Bells Advisory’s expertise is in assisting companies to launch from their prevailing position and reach their next level. This could be through the development and then delivery of a plan to achieve its objectives through organic growth, acquisition, listing, or sale. Transition can be reflected in revenue growth, change of ownership, or simply through the maturing of a leadership team through coaching and mentoring.

Four Bells Advisory comprises a team of experienced senior executives with deep leadership experience built in Australia, across the globe and throughout a range of business disciplines. They have filled Board Chair and Director; CEO; CFO; COO; and, Sales leadership  roles for companies ranging from listed entities in Australia, the US and the UK to SMEs and innovative new businesses wanting to expand throughout APAC, to EMEA and the Americas and into and out of Australia.

The team has built businesses with local Australian, regional and global footprints and the Principals have between them been involved in a number of start-ups, listings, acquisitions, sales and mergers of Australian, Asian regional, European and U.S. based businesses.

Specific skills of the team include Board Leadership, Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Corporate Planning, IT, Accounting, M&A, Strategic Planning, Sales, General Management,Team Mentoring and Operational Management.

Prior to their roles with Four Bells Advisory, the team has developed a depth of corporate expertise gained from employment in businesses in a range of industry sectors. They include:

AT&T; AFMA Services; Australian Broadcasting Corporation; Australian Multimedia Enterprise;  Axon Systems; Commonwealth Bank; Film Australia; IT&e; Locata Corporation; Newport Capital; Origin Capital;  Powercorp; Reuters; Southern Star Entertainment; Storage Tek; Teknekron/Tibco Finance and Tibco Software